Vaccine Info



We at MVP believe in evidence based medicine, which has firmly shown the safety of vaccines. We believe vaccinating children and adolescents is one of our main responsibilities as your pediatrician. In order to best protect our patients, we require families to vaccinate their children. We strongly encourage following the CDC and AAP vaccination schedule. While we do not believe in any benefit of separating vaccines, we believe in working with families to provide care that is supportive and allows us to grow together. To this end, we can bring your children back for additional vaccine appointments if you chose to separate vaccines, though we do not encourage this as it leaves your children at risk for serious illness. If you are unable to commit to completing vaccines by the end of the year in which they are required, we cannot care for your children in this practice. We look forward to working together to keep your family healthy and thriving.



Manhattan Valley Pediatrics administers COVID vaccines for everyone, patients, non patients, and adults. To schedule a vaccine, please contact the office.