February 7, 2021

Some Exciting Updates from MVP!

Some big news from Manhattan Valley Pediatrics…

Now Offering Rapid Antigen Testing!

This testing is covered by insurance for all kids. For parents it is $75 out of pocket, or $100 if they want both the rapid and send out PCR.  The PCR remains $50. Please use the appointment booker, to book your appointment!

Pediatric Cardiology every Wednesday at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Erin Paul, an attending pediatric cardiologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital, to our offices every Wednesday. Dr. Paul specializes in treating and diagnosing heart problems in children including, but not limited to: congenital heart disease, chest pain, post COVID cardiac issues, high blood pressure and screening for inherited cardiac disease. To learn more about Dr. Paul:  https://www.mountsinai.org/profiles/erin-paul .

Please call the office at 917-921-6219 to schedule an appointment.

Neuropsychological Testing on Wednesday Afternoons at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics!

Manhattan Valley Pediatrics welcomes Soffer and Associates on Wednesday afternoons starting in February. Dr. Charity Wijetunga, in association with Dr. Ariella Soffer, will be offering neuropsychological testing. Dr. Wijetunga can evaluate your child for:

  • Testing for learning disabilities/ADHD
  • Testing for accommodations at school or in the workplace
  • Testing to determine eligibility for programs and services (e.g., gifted and talented programs)
  • Testing for memory and cognitive impairment (as a result of head injury/concussion)
  • Psychodiagnostic assessments to inform treatment planning
  • Psychological screenings for elective surgeries and procedures
  • Occupationally mandated psychological evaluations

To learn more and to schedule an appointment please go to their website: https://www.drariellasoffer.com/assessment.html

Now Offering Medical Ear Piercing!

Feel comfortable with safe, sanitary ear piercing by our wonderful trained piercing professionals. We use Blomdahl earrings to facilitate optimal healing while avoiding any potential allergies. We also use numbing cream to help minimize any pain.

We request that your child has at least one tetanus vaccine prior to having earrings placed so we recommend they are 4 months of age or older. If you are coming to our office for the first time we ask that you bring a copy of your child’s immunizations with you.

We are currently scheduling ear piercing for select Saturdays. After checking in you will be escorted to one of our spacious exam rooms. Once you are settled in we will apply numbing cream to both earlobes. We will then wait for approximately 20 minutes for the cream to take effect. Then you will work with our staff to determine precise placement of the studs before they are applied.

The cost for ear piercing is $100. This price includes numbing cream, nickel free titanium earrings (we currently offer two styles), aftercare instructions and an aftercare kit to take home. We use Blomdahl earrings which are medical grade titanium so they are hypoallergenic and limit the risk of allergic reaction. They are also designed with fixed backs to allow air to circulate and promote healing.

Finally, we continue to practice COVID precautions with every visit in our office, which includes minimizing patients overlapping in common spaces and thorough cleaning of all exam rooms and surfaces.

Now Offering Wart and Molluscum Treatment!

Warts and molluscum are common pediatric skin infections. Although they often will go away on their own, some will stick around a little longer than you or your child would like. Luckily, MVP now has the tools to help. Make an appointment with any of our providers who can help assess and treat your child’s warts and/or molluscum. Please call or email the office to schedule an appointment.

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