March 24, 2023

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right Pediatrician

Like almost everything else related to child-rearing, people have very strong opinions
about their pediatricians. Finding the right pediatrician can feel like a big task, especially for new

Here are five useful questions to ask when evaluating who the right provider is to take
care of your child ( and you!)

1. Location: Most families find it helpful to have their Pediatrician in close proximity to their
home. The first few months of your infant’s life you will visit the doctor frequently. Once
your baby reaches six months of age the visits space out more. However, in case of
urgent visits for things like fevers and rashes, it is comforting to know your doctor is just
down the block.

2. Bedside Manner: This might be the number one thing to look for in your pediatrician. It
is important that you feel comfortable with your child’s doctor so when giving a history
you are forthcoming with information about your child and your family.

3. Physician Training: Although it isn’t important if the doctor went to the #1 medical
school or not, it is worthwhile to ensure they trained at an accredited residency program
and are board certified in Pediatrics.

4. Accessibility: When searching for the right Pediatrician we recommend you ask a lot of
questions about how you access them both during the day and when the office is closed
at night and on the weekends.

  • Is there a way to email your provider?
  • How long does it take to get a callback or a response?
  • Do you speak directly to a provider at night or a
    nursing triage service?


5. Hospital Affiliation: If your child becomes ill and needs to go to the Emergency Room
or be admitted to a hospital, it is advantageous if your doctor is affiliated with a hospital
that has a strong pediatric department. This will also affect the specialists they refer you
to in case of a more complicated issue with your child.


If you are interested in learning more about Manhattan Valley Pediatrics please join us for a
Tuesday night prenatal session or email the office for a private consultation with one of the
providers. Best of luck with your search for the right Pediatric practice for your family!

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