February 8, 2024

Depression Resources for Families and Patients

Long before the COVID pandemic, families with adolescents and teens wondered if their kid was acting normal for their age or was there something more troublesome going on. Depression is treatable when identified and aided by a care team from both the family, education and medical community. Read on to learn more resources for identifying if your child is depressed and where to seek help.

NAMI Family Guide on Depression


Child Mind Institute Resources


Crisis Prevention Hotline

  • Call or text 988
  • Text Got5 to 741741
  • If in immediate danger, call 911


Self-Care Success Form


This form can be used to set attainable goals. Your provider can get you started with choosing goals that can be updated at each visit.


Self-Care Success!  Things you can do to help yourself.

Instructions: When people are depressed they often forget to take care of themselves. By setting self-care goals you can take an active role in helping yourself feel better more quickly. Choose one or two of the areas below and set a goal. Make sure the goal is clear and reasonable. In the space below the boxes rate how likely you are to follow through on the goal(s) you set. If you are not very sure you can follow through on your goal you may want to find alternatives or make adjustments.



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